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SCORe 30

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The Score 30 Fitness Method is revolutionizing the fitness industry by combining High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with the most effective muscle building and strengthening exercise programs all in one amazing 30 minute workout.


The Score 30 Method will burn fat, build muscle and improve your overall cardiovascular fitness and performance at an amazing rate.


The Score 30 Fitness Method is a professionally designed workout based on the latest scientific research.  At Score 30 Fitness, we utilize 10 workout stations which are modified daily.  Each station has 3 fitness levels: 

Foundation | Transformation | Domination


Station training allows for greater flexibility in your busy schedule because a new workout starts every 3 minutes - no signing up for classes! Professional trainers certified in the Score 30 Fitness Method are present for every workout to  encourage and assist you.

We provide free monthly fitness evaluations which allow us to place you in the appropriate fitness category at each station.  This keeps you on track - helping to ensure maximum results.

Score 30

Fitness Method

Burns fat and builds muscle while maximizing cardiovascular fitness in a 30 minute full body workout.


Extremely affordable!  A one month unlimited membership for the cost of one typical personal training session.


Flexible to your busy schedule.  A new workout starts every

3 minutes (no signing up for classes)


Science-based – No gimmicks.


Free fitness evaluations.


Professional Trainers Certified in the Score 30 Fitness Method.


3 Fitness levels at each station (Foundation, Transformation, and our elite level, Domination).


Great cross training workouts to improve function and athletic performance from the amateur to the elite athlete.

Truly caring atmosphere; encouraging and inspiring.


Score 30 takes the stress and planning out of working out.

Score 30 creates innovative workouts for you - all you need to do is have fun and Score Fitness!