what makes scorE 30 better?

The Score 30 Fitness Method utilizes 5 HIIT stations (the burn it phase) followed by 5 muscle building/toning stations (the build it phase).  It is this combination that makes us so effective and unique. HIIT has been proven to be the most time-effective method for burning fat all while building and maintaining muscle.

HIIT incorporates what we call “burst” training utilizing short bursts (15-30 seconds) of higher intensity exercise followed by 30-60 seconds of lower intensity exercise.  HIIT training typically targets the larger primary muscle groups. HIIT is extremely effective in burning fat and maximizing cardiovascular fitness in a very short period of time.  We call the first 5 stations the ‘burn it’ phase.  The second half of your workout is called the ‘build it’ phase.  Each station is dedicated to a specific muscle group where we build muscle and shape up.  Whether your goal is to ‘tone up’ or ‘build some serious muscle’, we have the perfect workout for you!  We utilize training strategies such as variable resistance, pre-exhaustion and super-setting techniques in order to maximize your results. 

Want to know more?  Watch how Score 30 works in this 3-minute video.  Call us now and score fitness! 

SCORE 30 Success

Success is in the making. Stories to come soon...