frequently asked questions (faqs)

What makes Score 30 Fitness different?

The Score 30 fitness method is based on actual science.  We combine the amazing fat burning and aerobic fitness benefits of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with proven muscle building/strength training exercises.  It is this combination that makes Score 30 so effective.


Do I have to be knowledgeable about fitness to join?

Absolutely not. Score 30 fitness provides encouraging trainers certified in the Score 30 method at each and every workout. We have trainers available to assist you and ensure that you are performing the exercises correctly and at the appropriate intensity for your fitness level.


Do I need to sign up for classes?

Since we are a station-based workout studio, there is nothing to sign up for except your initial membership. We have 10 stations – each with 3 different fitness levels (Foundation, our beginner level, Transformation, our intermediate level and Domination, our elite advanced level).  Score 30 is very convenient to any schedule because a new workout starts every 3 minutes.


How long are the workouts?

Each workout lasts a total of 30 minutes (10 stations at 3 minutes each).  Our innovative Score 30 method is designed to maximize results in the shortest amount of time.


How will I know what fitness level I should be place in?

We provide free fitness evaluations upon joining and monthly thereafter for all our members. This allows our trainers to place you in the appropriate fitness category for each and every station so you can safely and effectively advance to your individual goals.

What kind of results can I expect?

If your goal is to score weight loss, then you can expect to see 2-5 lbs of fat loss weekly. This will require 3-4 workouts per week combined with a healthy diet.** Remember, you cannot ‘out-train’ a poor diet!


Can I also build muscle and tone up?

Absolutely! The Score 30 method is designed to build muscle and burn fat . Score 30 places an emphasis on muscular development. Half of our workouts ( stations 6-10) are dedicated to building and

shaping muscles.

How much does it cost to join?

We have multiple membership packages available to fit almost any budget.  A typical 1-month membership costs less than 1 personal training session.


What is High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)?

HIIT has been proven to be the most effective training method for burning fat and improving cardiovascular fitness in the shortest amount of time.  It utilizes short periods of 15-30 seconds of high intensity exercise immediately followed by 15-45 seconds of lower intensity exercise. This allows our body systems to work in and out of different metabolic pathways in order to maximize results. The Score 30 method utilizes the first half of our workout (stations 1-5) dedicated solely to HIIT.


What is the deal with EPOC?

Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) is an increased rate of oxygen utilization following exercise in order to restore your body to its’ normal level of resting metabolic function. The fitness world likes to refer to it as the ‘after burn’. This ‘after burn’ results in an increase in energy consumption which means an increase in calories burned after exercise.  HIIT and weight training is the most effective training method in order to achieve the greatest EPOC effect. The Score 30 training method utilizes HIIT and strength training in order to maximize the ‘after burn’ of EPOC.




**Results vary based on the intensity level of each individual.