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Dr. Mike's weight loss journey

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

Lose body fat for life without fads or boxed food!

My name is Dr. Michael Novak. I'm a physician that has worked in the physical medicine field for 30 years. I've been exercising for another 10 years prior to starting practice. I'm 53 years old and like everyone, I started putting on body fat with age. Science has shown that starting at age 25 we lose 1% of our lean muscle mass a year. In future posts I will go into detail as to why that is a factor in gaining body fat. To start your journey in losing weight I will be going through mine as a guide. I've lost 38 lbs. over the past 10 months with the Score 30 body transformation method. This method is methodical and takes you through four phases with the final phase being maintenance of your goal weight for life!

Day one of my journey to lose body fat and get fit actually started in April of 2019! Starting today, I will take you back through my entire journey that got me to within 10 lbs. of my goal weight which is where I am currently. You can follow what I've done and replace my weight loss goal with yours.

Pictured on the left above was a photo taken a little over a year ago. I weighed 220 lbs. and 9 months later (pictured right) is my most recent photo weighing 182 lbs. I didn't weigh in the 180s since the '80s when I rocked a mullet!! That was 35 years ago!

Over the next several weeks/months I will get into the specific type of training that research has confirmed is best for losing weight and getting fit. Combining the proper exercise w/ calorie restriction is the most efficient and effective way to reach your goal. For now, let's start with Phase I/Day One of our weight loss journey.

What is your goal weight? Mine was 180 lbs. until I got close to that weight. At that time I realized 170 lbs. is where I needed to be. What is your goal weight? You need a goal and the real desire to reach that goal before ever starting any weight loss program. The more you try and fail the harder it will be to fulfill your dream of a fit and lean body in the future.

Score 30 Body Transformation Phase I. Capture your workout and calories. Today we will only discuss the calorie capture.

The first day of my journey began with downloading My Fitness Pal. I didn't do this until I was absolutely committed to putting in the work. My Fitness Pal is a great way to track/capture your total calories. Why not download the app now? Starting tomorrow, track EVERY CALORIE YOU TAKE IN. For the first few days don't change anything about your diet just enter EVERY CALORIE YOU TAKE IN! You will find that multiplying the daily calories you've taken in by 10 will be close to your current weight. When you start restricting calories you simply multiply your goal weight by 10 and that will be your daily caloric intake.

So your job today is to download My Fitness Pal or some other calorie counting app. For the next few days don't change your diet but enter every calorie you take in. I did this in March of 2019 and you can do it now! Be honest with yourself by entering every calorie. You will soon see that knowing the calories of foods you eat often will cause you to change your mind and avoid that food. Some foods are just not worth the calories!

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